Schoex standard 2.6 is now available

Schoex standard 2.6 is now available

We Regularly provide update to Schoex standard application and we're pleased to announe the release of Schoex Standard 2.6:

This version provide new features and bug fixes, Below described the mail version new features:

  • Improve the speed of application load by 70% by change all requests to the backend to Assync requests
  • Payments
    • Payments has new structure in Schoex 2.6
    • Ability to add fee to students when Registered, Promoted to specific class or Graduated
    • Ability to add fee to students in specific date
    • Ability to generate recuuring payments each x Day, x Month or x Year
  • Exams
    • Exams now support Classes.
      • You can define seperate exams to each class or group of classes
    • Each Exam can now have it's corresponding marksheet columns
  • Marksheet
    • Smart Marksheet columns Supported
    • School header included in marksheet generation 
      • School Logo
      • School Name
  • Assignments
    • Parents can now track their students progress in the assignments
  • Online Exams
    • Allow attaching images to the questions
    • Teachers can be able to track student answers to the exams
  • Students
    • Graduation feature implementation
    • List Graduated students separately
    • Medical History Imeplementation
  • Expenses
    • Allow attaching images to the expenses
  • Mail/SMS
    • Ability to send Mail/SMS to Administrators
    • Ability to select parents of specific Class
    • Ability to allow Teachers to use Mail/SMS
      • Teachers will be allowed to send Mail/SMS to their student class or their parents only
    • Concepto API Changes
  • General Changes
    • Change payment "Buy Now" to "Pay Now"
    • Update Activated Modules in the Settings with the latese added modules
    • Fix permissions issue on the dashboard quick links & Statistics
    • Fix Mail/SMS Encoding issues
    • Fix Datepicker Edit date issue
    • Minor bug fixes & improvements


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